Bob’s Book – An Overview of Gambling For Gamers Who Are New To Online Casinos Or Live Dealer Casinos

Gambling not on Gamblers Paradise is a book written by Robert McKenzie that details the techniques and strategies used in many different forms of casino gambling. In this particular work, Robert McKenzie claims that the “Gambling impulse” is rooted in the need to be an individual with control over ones own life. He believes that people are drawn to the high roller games and want to be part of these circles, where there is a high perceived value placed upon winning and the risk of losing large sums of money. Robert says that this need to be a winner pushes people to places where they will not be fully aware of the full circumstances of the game, however they still insist on participating. This book is designed as a self-exclusion guide to gambling and the games that it involves, which allow the reader to see the various games and choose one for their own gambling needs.

The main focus of Gambling not on Gamers Paradise is the types of bonuses offered in many of the non casinos that exist today. Robert says that through out the pages of the book there are bonus codes for specific casino sites that can help the reader find non casinos where they will get the most amount of free gambling money without having to play a single hand of blackjack or roulette. Although, Robert does say that he does not recommend using bonus codes at all times (he does leave that choice up to you) but the codes found in the book may be of assistance when trying to save money at non casinos. For anyone who is interested in trying out a new form of gambling the book provides a lot of free advice that is available to any reader interested in trying out the different games.

On the flip side, if you are the kind of person that is interested in playing the actual gambling games then Robert’s book will be most beneficial to you. Although, if you are a fan of gaming the more conventional kinds of gambling like video poker or roulette will probably not give you much guidance as the gaming bonuses offered in the traditional casinos will more than suffice. The book does however stress that the more traditional forms of gaming (Pai Gow Poker or even craps) will offer more gambling opportunities than the more modern online gambling venues (i.e. slots, bingo and blackjack).

In addition to the books actual bonus techniques the author also gives tips and advice on how to use the bonuses offered at these live dealer casinos. For instance the bonus may be used to try out a new game before switching over to more traditional gambling areas. On the other hand, if you are interested in more non-traditional forms of gambling the book also provides details on the various methods of playing these online games. Looking more visit gambling sites not linked to gamstop. Specifically, Robert discusses the differences between online roulette and live dealer roulette, the differences between Keno and progressive slot machines, the differences between VIP gaming and video poker and much more. In addition to this, some of the bonus techniques are discussed such as “banging” for good bonuses, the bonus spiral and even the no deposit “bonus”.

Although Robert clearly states that he is not an expert in any area relating to gambling, I think the book contains very good advice on how to beat at least one problem gambling addiction (the addiction to gambling). Of course, no gambling eBook is going to solve all your money problems, especially if you tend to take a bit of loss from every session you play. What Robert did bring to the table was a very sound understanding of the various problems you may experience when you play and the strategies you should employ to beat these problems. In my opinion this is the best “self-exclusion scheme” that is currently available.

My biggest issue with Robert Gee’s book is that it isn’t aimed at gamblers who are new to online casinos or even live dealer casinos. The book is geared towards those who have a problem with gambling or are suffering from gambling addiction. Robert also seems to spend more time addressing the problems encountered by gamblers who do choose to gamble at live casinos than he does the problems experienced by new players. So I would recommend this book to players who have gambled at a live casino but have overcome their gambling problems, however, this book will not benefit gamblers who play at online casinos, sorry Robert.

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